Meet Active Asian Air Defence Requirements and Work With Regional Partners to Tackle the Constant Evolving Threat to Asia

Meet Active Asian Air Defence Requirements and Work With Regional Partners to Tackle the Constant Evolving Threat to Asia

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LONDON, February 8, 2018

LONDON, February 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Asian nations now face aerial threats at all ranges, from UAVs in the VSHORAD/SHORAD range to Ballistic Missiles up in the THAAD range. Effectively defeating these threats now requires the capability to act effectively across the full spectrum of air defence.

The emerging internal response to this so far for many has been to consolidate air defence units together under joint air and missile defence commands. These changes to force structures will set the tone for national requirements and acquisition in the coming 10 years.

Moreover, air defence commanders are now faced with two major issues; building technical capabilities and layered defences across the full spectrum of air defence, in addition to becoming key stakeholders in ensuring regional security. In response, air defence commanders are now looking for closer partnerships with regional peers in the belief that more closely integrated air and missile defence systems may provide equal advantage to gaining technical superiority through procurement and development means.

Therefore, Defence IQ is pleased to announce the launch of the Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia (FSADA) conference taking place May 16-17 May, 2018 in Singapore. This is the only military conference to analyse and examine the full spectrum of the integrated air defence in detail. Join industry experts and discuss how forces can build an affordable, layered defence system designed to combat all threats across every range. Explore how to consolidate air defence assets through new command, control processes and air defence systems and work with other regional partners to tackle the constantly evolving threat environment. Do not miss the only missile defence conference in Asia to discover the intrinsic challenges which they are currently facing. Air defence commanders will be providing an in-depth technical analysis of existing and future air defence capability development by the regions leading research and procurement institutions.

The 2018 senior speaker panel includes the: Philippine Army, Republic of China (Taiwan, Republic of Korea Air Force, US Army Pacific, Malaysian Army, Nepali Army, Defence Technology Institute, STRIDE Malaysian MoD, Royal Cambodian Army, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies and more.

For more information regarding registration, please visit , call +44(0)207-036-1300, or email or Sofia Nicolaou


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