Greycoat Lumleys Survey Reveals Why You Might be Paying More for Your Nanny

Greycoat Lumleys Survey Reveals Why You Might be Paying More for Your Nanny

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LONDON, May 14, 2018

LONDON, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

London-based private household recruitment consultants Greycoat Lumleys ( ) announces its latest findings surrounding salaries and careers in private staffing roles. The 2018 survey reveals that housekeepers, nannies, butlers and gardeners are currently the most in demand professional roles in the industry.

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The findings are collated from almost 6,000 candidates registered with Greycoat Lumleys over the last two years. The results are based mainly on candidates' salary expectations and placements made by Greycoat Lumleys during 2016 and 2017. The results of the survey are also based on market knowledge from industry specialists who have many years of working in the private staffing sector.

The 2018 Salary Survey ( ) shows that the combined role of housekeeper plus nanny - a housekeeper who also cares for children - is the role most highly sought after by employers. Looking at London, the base pay level for a full-time live-in role of housekeeper/nanny has seen a rise of 36.36% over two years. A typical salary for this role in 2016 started at £22,000 per annum but it now starts at £30,000 per annum. In addition to this, there has also been an increase in demand for part-time housekeeper/nanny placements. 

Londoners can also expect to pay a starting salary of £30,000 per year for a full-time housekeeper or housekeeper/cook, or from £37,500 for a live-out head housekeeper. A live-out butler will have a starting salary of £40,000, while a live-in butler will start at £38,000. Live-out nannies start at £35,000, while live-ins start at £26,000. Those who have one child, and want a temporary maternity nurse, can expect to pay up to £250 per day for their time or £325 per day in the case of twins.

Greycoat Lumleys Managing Director Debbie Salter ( ) said, "The part-time role has become, for us, one of the areas of real growth. A lot of our clients want part-time staff because one parent will usually be away for two to three days on business. The most difficult role to recruit is someone to help drop the children off and return later to pick them up from school at 3:00pm. We are specialising in signing up these sought-after individuals and call this wrap-around care."

The survey looks at job roles across the board and shows that there had also been a significant increase in demand for butlers and gardeners. Over a two-year period, the starting salary for a live-out gardener has risen by 33.3%. In 2016 the starting salary for a live-out gardener was £18,000 and today begins at £24,000.

In addition to this, it reveals that a live-out butler is earning 14.2% more than in 2016. In comparison, the Office for National Statistics stated that the national average wage in the UK has fallen by 3.2% overall in the period between October 2016 and October 2017. In 2016 the average annual salary was £28,200 ( and the 2017 average was £27,271 (

The demand for private household roles has changed in recent years. Ultra high net worth and affluent individuals tend to be cash-rich and time-poor, thus creating full-time career opportunities with competitive salaries. Due to this, Greycoat Lumleys only provides experienced staff to clients following an extensive interview process.

Debbie Salter explains further, "We are all individuals, and how we run our households is different. Every home is unique and that's why the initial client meeting and follow up consultations are an absolutely key aspect of what we do as a business."

Institute for Fiscal Studies Analysis on the rise of women's employment in the UK. 

New analysis released on April 27 2018 from the Institute for Fiscal Studies ( looks at changes in women's working patterns over the last four decades, showing that these big social and economic changes are in large part driven by mothers.

Studies revealed that more than three quarters of women aged 25-54 in the UK are in paid work, reaching a record high of 78% in 2017. In contrast, fewer than 60% were in paid work in the mid-1970s.

Figures show there is an increase in maternal employment, concentrating on those with pre-school or primary-school age children, and among the partners of relatively high-earning men. 

These social and economic changes are one of the many factors that have led to the growth of the private household staffing industry. Debbie Salter, Managing Director at Greycoat Lumleys has expanded how the industry has been influenced by the rise of working couples.

Greycoat Lumleys, which has offices in London, Buxton, Edinburgh and Dubai, has over two-decades of experience. They provide professional staffing to households and estates, corporate clients and those who require child care. The company also provides private hospitality and catering staff, as well as experienced individuals to assist at ski locations and aboard yachts.


Greycoat Lumleys:

2016 Statistics: ONS Website Section 3, Above Fig. 3 

ONS Website:

Greycoat Lumleys Managing Director Debbie Salter is available for interview.

About Greycoat Lumleys: 

Greycoat Lumleys ( ) is a recruitment agency which provides high quality staff to private households and estates. They have offices located in London, Buxton, Edinburgh and Dubai, but operate internationally for each client's specific requirements.

Greycoat Lumleys' high standards are maintained by only employing candidates who have had significant experience in their respective roles. Staff are qualified in several sectors, including catering, private household/estate planning, corporate staffing, childcare plus ski and yacht staffing.

Greycoat Lumleys' business model is implemented to fill the void in private staff recruitment. Potential clients may have the luxury of hiring private domestic staff, but do not have the capacity to source the right people for the job.

The company's market knowledge is essential to provide the most appropriate staff to match the needs of the client. Additionally, they are registered as a part of the Empresaria Group PLC, one of the world's largest international specialist staffing companies.

"New parents usually need their hand holding a bit more and it's why they would need to use an agency during the recruitment stage to find the right staff. They are a little bit more nervous about bringing people into their home. Like any new parent, it is going to be different as it is a new experience and they will want to get it right for their new child."

"We have a thorough recruitment process to ensure that the best-suited individuals are put forward for interview. For parents who have, for example, a child of eight and a child of four, they are likely to have used a nanny before. In this instance, they tend to have a better idea when it comes to interviewing candidates." 

"In terms of market growth, there are more affluent people, there are more people earning a lot more money. There are a lot more people who have two incomes and more professional couples. The market has grown significantly in staffing and we've grown a lot. Companies are relocating to London. They want staff for their homes and they have become used to having staff in America, Asia and even Europe."

Greycoat Lumleys:

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