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UTRECHT, The Netherlands, February 4, 2015/PRNewswire/ --

Seasonal Promotion Provides Greater Access to 2015 Product Enhancements

From the 1st February to the 31st March 2015, Interrail's Spring Promotion offers a 15% discount on all Interrail Global Passes valid for rail travel throughout 30 European countries. Promotional passes can be used for trips that begin before the 17th May 2015 and can last up until the 15th June 2015.

After the positive feedback from last year's Spring Promotion, Interrail wants to once again, give travellers a greater opportunity to explore Europe before the high-season starts. "Aside from lower prices, the advantages of travelling in the springtime are often overseen," states Carlo Boselli, General Manager of the Eurail Group G.I.E., "however, during the pre-summer period, nature's beauty is peaking, and trains and cities are often perceived to create a more authentic experience before the bulk of the crowds arrive."

In addition, Interrailers of all ages can now take advantage of the recent updates to the product portfolio, including the Family Concept (which allows up to two children aged 11 years and younger to travel for free with an Adult Pass), the 1st Class Youth Pass, and price reductions to both Adult and Senior Passes. Furthermore, the introduction of the Attica Pass - a new One Country Pass - enables travellers to island hop around Mediterranean Greece to destinations such as Crete, Santorini and Mykonos.

Interrail Passes are sold by local European railways and at Interrail.eu.

Established in 2001, Eurail Group G.I.E. is responsible for the marketing and management of the Interrail and Eurail Passes that provide unlimited rail travel across Europe. The organisation is based in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and is wholly owned by thirty railways and shipping companies. In addition, Eurail Group G.I.E. has many benefit partners, including hotels, transport companies and museums, which offer their services either at a reduced rate or free of charge to rail pass holders.

Eurail Group Corporate Website: Eurail Group.org

Source: Eurail Group G.I.E.

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