Dense Air: How the Power of 5G Networks Can Transform Our Emergency Services

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LONDON, Oct. 14, 2019

Dense Air and Dublin Fire Brigade have provided a glimpse of how emergency response will be assisted by the roll-out of next generation 5G networks – a powerful reminder that 5G is not just about speed, it's about enabling technology that in this scenario, can save lives.

The emergency response demonstration was showcased in Dublin's 'Smart Docklands' district at a global gathering of over 20 city technology leads, part of a 5G CityView event which was hosted by Harvard TECH and Dublin City Council.

First responders were equipped with cameras connecting to the Command Support Unit via a 'Private' 5G-ready network. Dense Air technology is based on small cells which brings the signal closer to the end user, thereby optimising the network experience. The small cell was deployed on Dublin Fire Brigade's Command Support vehicle which relayed the signal back to connectivity network deployed in Dublin Docklands.

As the staged river rescue unfolded, connected drones were dispatched to capture overhead views which could be viewed in real time by the Incident Commander, alongside the video stream from the responder's camera.

The ability to use real-time monitoring of on-site conditions could improve the operational efficiency and safety of first responders as witnessed today.

Paul Senior, CEO of Dense Air said, "We are very pleased to be working with Dublin Fire Brigade to explore how 4G and 5G networks can become an important part of coordinating emergency incidents."

We are seeing more and more scenarios in which first responders are relying on digital and connected technologies to provide life-saving assistance. Technology for emergency response must be reliable, robust and resilient; ensuring that it adds value and contributes to resolving emergencies. 

"We hope our trial with Dublin Fire Brigade will become the blueprint of how other emergency services will operate in the future and feel honoured that our networks will be utilised for such important purposes."

Greg O'Dwyer Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade said "The safety of our firefighters is of paramount importance during emergencies. Being able to leverage new advances in technology will not only help save lives but will also increase our effectiveness as a team to manage the situation."

Dense Air and Dublin City Council (DCC) recently won the 2019 Small Cell Forum award for social impact, 'Promoting Small Cells For Social/Economic/Environmental Development'. It followed the successful completion of the first phase of a ground breaking 5G research and development network in Dublin's Docklands delivered through Dublin City Councils 'Smart Docklands' initiative in partnership with the CONNECT research centre for future networks based in Trinity College Dublin.


What is 5G?

Dense Air is a new class of network operator deploying 'neutral host' small cells in dedicated licensed radio spectrum. Offering a unique 'radio network as a service' to deliver cost-effective network extension and enhancement to fixed and mobile service providers. Dense Air provides services in Ireland based on licensed 3.4-3.8GHz radio spectrum awarded by Ireland regulator in 2017.

Dense Air is headquartered in London, UK and has offices in the target launch markets of Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Australia & New Zealand. 

Dublin City Council (DCC) is the largest local authority in Ireland with over 5,000 staff and manages the day to day operations of the capital. The Smart Docklands district was set up in February 2018 to deliver and fast-track smart city projects and deployments. This was established in partnership with CONNECT, a national research centre for connectivity and future networks.

Harvard TECH innovators forum.

Dublin City Council is hosting the prestigious Harvard TECH Innovators Forum in partnership with Dense Air from 7-9th October 2019; Bringing together city technology leaders from across the world to share emerging best practice for 5G deployments and showcasing the Dublin Docklands 5G Pervasive Network.

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